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Sue Cho is currently Director of Email at Autolist. Previously, she managed email for cool brands like The Honest Company, Dollar Shave Club and Hollar. In a past life, she also wrote and recorded hit dance music. Seriously, one of her most bumpin’ tracks hit #1 on the Billboard Dance Chart in 2014. Although she’s not promising any singing or dancing during EiQ (yet), she is promising a deep dive into the oft-neglected topic of diversity in the email community during the All-Star Diversity Panel hosted by Women of Email.

We recently asked Sue a few questions to get to know her a little better before her EiQ panel debut.

BW: What was your path to email?

SC: I was hired for an entry level Email Operations Coordinator position right after I graduated from my university. I had an amazing manager who taught me the ins and outs of email and gave me just enough autonomy to realize how awesome working in the email space was.

BW: Why do you believe in the channel?

SC: Have you seen our numbers?

BW: What is the coolest or most innovative thing going on in email?

SC: Interactive email. How nuts will it be when we can click on an email and directly make a purchase?

BW: What do you want non-believers of the channel to know?

SC: Please don’t call us spammers. It hurts our feelings and it’s just not true! Our job is to continuously optimize our emails so we only send you what you want, that you don’t even know you want! Also, have you seen our numbers?

BW: What is your favorite email that you receive and/or what brand does email really well?

SC: Thrillist. Their dynamic content targeting is SPOT on. They’ve detected my gender and location multiple times without me having to explicitly tell them. They’re also primarily a male-focused publication, yet they realized that they had a lot of females in the audience and added that to their content and targeting strategy. Not many companies would be able to realize that and adjust their business. Plus, their content is all about the best Happy Hours and free events in your neighborhood.

Wayfair has an awesome behavioral triggered program. They take browse data and subtly embed them into their everyday emails and personalize subject lines and content blocks with categories (NOT items!) you’ve browsed. They don’t send an email that outright says, “WE SAW YOU BROWSING THIS” email. I didn’t even realize they were using my browse history data until a couple emails later I started to see a pattern. Well played, Wayfair. Well played.

BW: Why does EiQ matter and why should anyone attend?

SC: Email is always changing. It’s important as email marketers to keep up with trends, newest technologies and tactics. What better way to do this than to get a bunch of bright email marketers and vendors in one room? Also, in my first email-only conference (very similar to EiQ), I stayed up into the wee hours of the night with a few other email marketers to discuss email sending frequency while boozing heavily. Care to recreate this night with me at EiQ? Topic is TBD.

BW: Hey, we’re in! What are you looking forward to at EiQ?

SC: See above.

BW: Right. Well, what are you looking forward to experiencing in Atlanta, home of EiQ?

SC: Some gooooood southern cooking.

Since we can (cue the humble brag…) enjoy gooooood southern cooking all the time, we’re mostly looking forward to some gooooood email fellowship and forethought at next week’s EiQ! Registration closes this Friday so if you’re looking for a last minute ticket, now’s the time to book. Purchase tickets at eiqgathering.com/registration.

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