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At last year’s EiQ gathering, Seth Weisfeld blew our minds with the highly personalized, cleverly designed emails he and his team over at Pinterest send out every single day. As lead Product Manager for Growth Traffic, Seth is focused on figuring out how to keep Pinterest users engaged long-term and he happens to see email as a great way to accomplish that feat.

This year, Seth is coming back and is sure to blow minds again during our signature “#Trending: Edge of the Inbox” session. Not only are we looking forward to Seth’s presentation, but he’s looking forward to learning from his fellow speakers, too! In this week’s speaker spotlight, Seth mentions that he loves the branding at Lorem Ipsum and their founder, Margot Boyer-Dry, will be on stage at EiQ, too. Read on to find out what he appreciates about their email program, what ideas he’s excited about sharing at EiQ, and who has inspired him in the business world.


What do you get excited about in the email world?

Automation. New tools are allowing us to segment on a finer grained scale than we’ve ever had. Now instead of having someone create 10 campaigns for 10 audiences, we can leverage engineering and automation tools to create 1 campaign with personalization for a hundred or a million different audiences.

What part of an email is the most important to drive success and why?

The most crucial part of any email is personalizing the content and message to a specific audience segment. For newsletters, your audience may be specific enough that the same message resonates with everyone. However, for commercial or engagement messages there are often huge engagement gains from understanding your audience and getting them the right message at the right time presented in the best way for them.

What advice do you have for newcomers to the email industry?

Don’t worry about which tab your email is going into in Gmail.

Who is a brand that you think does a great job with their email program?

Lorem Ipsum does a fantastic job of knowing their audience and incorporating an editorial voice that resonates – even in their ads!

What ideas are you excited about sharing at EiQ?

How Pinterest is approaching interactivity in the inbox!

What’s your favorite thing about Atlanta?

My favorite export has to be Chick-Fil-A and the aquarium is an incredible sight to see!

From a career standpoint, how did you end up in email?

I pretty much stumbled into email coming out of college and carved myself a career path in this weirdly niche yet incredibly impactful field.

We’re really excited about our 2 new EiQ awards, The Whiz & The Maverick. Who in the business world has inspired you?

Elon Musk’s attitude of just putting it all on the line every time is inspiring and frightening. In the email world I really love seeing what Nest has done with their program led by Eric Lepetit – they inspire Pinterest to reach even further with our emails!


Speaking of putting it all on the line, joining Seth on stage at EiQ is CMO Jens Nicolaysen of Shinesty, the truly outlandish clothing brand. Register today to catch this and eight other over-the-top sessions.

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