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Tara Clark believes in the power of email to inspire people and drive results. Which is good, since inspiring results and potential home buyers with beautiful emails is pretty much her job description as Director of Email Marketing for Zillow. She’ll be giving a (very concise) overview of the Zillow email program this Thursday at EiQ during our super-fast and super-fascinating “Explain Your Take on Email in 10 Minutes or Less” AM session. When not deep in an email marketing project, Tara enjoys baking her signature chocolate chip cookies (another technique for hooking potential home buyers, perhaps?) and harbors serious love for the Fast and Furious movie franchise.

“Don’t laugh. It’s a thing,” said Tara, after revealing her shocking Vin Diesel fanaticism.

Before we got around to favorite major movie franchise, however, we had to ask Tara a few questions to get her ready for the EiQ stage…

BW: What was your path to email?

TC: Like many peoples’ path, it was completely random! At a job a long time ago (almost 15 years!), the marketing department wanted to start sending emails and they needed someone to do it. I was fairly new to the company and they asked me to take it on.

BW: Why do you believe in the channel?

TC: Because it’s cost-effective, it works and it allows for creativity but relies on and drives concrete results. And because people love their email. They pretend they don’t, but they do!

BW: What is the coolest or most innovative thing going on in email?

TC: I respond most to the data-driven emails. I mean, who doesn’t? Especially if you are reminding me of something I loved, or saved or did!

BW: What do you want non-believers of the channel to know?

TC: That the benefits of email were established well before our inboxes filled up with extra clutter. That email is still critical to many things, which is why we’ve made room for marketing emails in our brains and hearts as well. People use email in very specific ways. It’s hard to stand out, but if you do, people will use your emails as well.

BW: What is your favorite email that you receive and/or what brand does email really well?

TC: I mean, Spotify. And I love my Thrillist.

BW: Sue Cho loves her Thrillist, too! Their local content is pretty on point. In your opinion, why does EiQ matter and why should anyone attend?

TC: I’m excited to spend time with leaders in the field who are doing cool things. It’s inspiring to hear how email/CRM teams work through challenges and find opportunities. I can’t wait!

BW: What are you most looking forward to doing at EiQ?

TC: Spending time with other email smarties. And anything that comes with a “champagne toast” sounds like the best way to spend a day!

BW: We generally try to pop bottles as much as possible. What are you looking forward to experiencing in Atlanta, home of EiQ?

TC: I’m looking forward to being back there – it’s been a long time. What should I do? 

We’ve got a few suggestions for ATL sight-seeing and city-trekking over on the EiQ website, but since she’s such a big Fast fan and much of the newer installments were filmed here, we’re thinking Tara should check out some of Vin’s regular stomping grounds.

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