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For over 15 years, Adam Stambleck has worked with the world’s leading brands to understand their goals and drive results-focused digital marketing programs. Adam’s organization, Movable Ink, is focused on ensuring every client succeeds by solving challenges, building deep trust, and delivering sustainable results. As Chief Revenue Officer at Movable Ink, Adam is responsible for worldwide sales, partnerships and their industry-leading Client Experience team.

Just last week, we found out what Adam’s most looking forward to about our upcoming (Movable-sponsored!) gathering of email marketers, EiQ.

BW: What was your path to email?

AS: I started my career in email as Director of Account Management at Yesmail Interactive. At that time, Yesmail was one of the larger email service providers in the space. Shortly after starting, I was promoted to Vice President of Account Management and I ran all of our client services on the east coast.

BW: Why do you believe in the channel?

AS: Email is powerful because of the ROI. As the years go on, it has become easier and easier to deliver amazing email experiences – and the return is still there. I love when my clients hit send and make hundreds of thousands of dollars each time. Email is also one of the most mature digital channels. It’s easy to view emails anytime, anywhere, and as a result, mobile email marketing has kept the email channel incredibly important.

BW: What is the coolest or most innovative thing going on in email?

AS: For me, we are living in the “FitBit World” where you have up-to-the second access to your personal data.  The best emails I have seen this year take that approach in their emails. All the year-end emails that Movable Ink clients have been sending are great examples (Spotify, Delta and Hilton to name a few). We’ve made it easy to power all of that personal data. Customers love seeing their data in real-time and get frustrated when data is stale. Every client should be leveraging customer data to deliver unique and engaging experiences in the inbox.

BW: What do you want non-believers of the channel to know?

AS: There’s a big transformation taking place in email. You don’t have to be stuck in the archaic email production press where you’re updating email templates manually everyday. We’re working with our clients to build intelligent content templates instead. For example, many companies have content on their blog or website, as well as CRM and loyalty data on their customers. We build intelligent templates that pull content from those sources automatically at the moment of open.

As your content or data updates, your email should update as well. Our clients don’t have to worry about being stuck in a broken production process. They send meaningful emails easily and their customers never have to receive stale or outdated email content ever again.

BW: What is your favorite email that you receive and/or what brand does email really well?

AS: I can think of several. I’m on the road for a good amount of work travel, and I love receiving Delta’s emails. They sent me an email recapping my travel activity and it was my favorite email of the year.

Another amazing email is the Detroit Pistons email with live game scoring and player statistics. More and more sports teams have been jumping on this trend. The NBA is working to make all their emails live and interactive. Sports is exciting and their emails should reflect that.

American Express sends me emails at least once a week with relevant offers, points balances and any rewards I’m eligible to receive. In addition, I can apply those rewards to my credit card directly from the email. It’s an incredible email experience and I always look forward to those emails. Which is not something you would normally say from a financial services provider. Kudos to AmEx for this!

Finally, I was a big fan of an email by Under Armour celebrating Tom Brady’s career and latest Super Bowl win. It showed a timeline of Brady’s achievements with great data, sent right after the Super Bowl.

BW: Why does EiQ matter and why should anyone attend?

AS: BrightWave has created an intimate event where some of the biggest brands in the world and the most innovative technologies are coming together. Unlike larger events where things are spread out and the content falls short, with EiQ you will get just the right amount of content and networking. The email world is small but exciting, so it’s always great to spend quality time with people in the industry outside of the office.

BW: What are you looking forward to at EiQ?

AS: Movable Ink is a proud EiQ sponsor and we’re excited to expand our partnership with BrightWave in 2017. Seeing amazing client use cases and email technology in action will be an incredibly impactful part of EiQ.

BW: What are you looking forward to experiencing in Atlanta?

AS: Atlanta is home to some of our best clients and we always look forward to visiting Home Depot and Delta (to name a couple). They do an incredible job representing Atlanta, which is a bright star in the email space.

We think Adam’s a pretty bright star himself! Interested in seeing him (and several other big email stars) at EiQ next month? Register here.

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