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The countdown to EiQ 2019 is officially on– 22 days to be exact! And that means it’s time to start sharing some of our EiQ Sponsor Spotlight interviews. We thought we’d kick things off with one of our moving-and-shakingest sponsors: Movable Ink

We recently had a great Q and A with Katie White, Movable Ink’s Associate Director of Client Strategy. Before landing at Movable Ink in 2018, Katie spent the majority of her career in Travel & Hospitality, driving strategy for guest email and engagement programs at both Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants and HotelTonight. She even spent 8 months exploring the world before joining the team behind Movable’s Travel & Hospitality, Media and Telecom efforts.


What do you get excited about in the email world?

I am always excited to see how brands leverage new technology. Consolidation in the email industry has impacted innovation, but there are a few companies out there that still prioritize building cool and playful functionality. Most recently, I’ve been interested to see how brands use augmented reality (AR) to take the conversation from email to social. With the help of a Movable Ink beta program, Movember leveraged AR to delight members and encourage them to share and give.


What part of an email is the most important to drive success?

The data that powers your segmentation and dynamic content is crucial to success. Data hygiene isn’t an exhilarating topic until you realize how powerful clean data is, or on the flip side, how messy your program can be without it. Leveraging your existing digital ecosystem and pooling data points to form a 360-degree view of your customer will empower you to cut out the fluff, develop 1:1 visual experiences and drive conversion.


What advice do you have for newcomers to the email industry?

Remember that you don’t have to solve everything at once. Start off with a testing strategy that gets you some quick wins. Answer important questions about the type of content and cadence of messaging your users are receptive to, then focus on rolling things out and getting more technically sophisticated.


Who is a brand that you think does a great job with their email program?

Delta has a really smart and visually beautiful program. The cadence is not overwhelming and the content is useful. One of my favorite examples is one where Delta partners with us at Movable Ink to celebrate members with a mid-year review that incorporates 19 personalized data points and produces up to 72,000 possible variations. It’s a perfect example of customer first marketing.


What do you think makes your company a great match with EiQ?

Together, Movable Ink and EiQ inspire and enable brands to bring dynamic and highly personalized visual experiences to life for customers while driving performance.


From a career standpoint, how did you end up in email?

I started building email programs for political campaigns shortly after graduating from college. Even though I’ve spent the majority of my career on the brand side, I had a great time going back to my roots this past election cycle volunteering for Tech for Campaigns.


As proud #emailgeeks, we recognize the best email talent with our two EiQ awards, The Whiz & The Maverick. Who in the business world has inspired you? Are there any #emailgeeks that come to mind?

I’m a big fan of customer-first marketing and this time of year I love to see how brands bring “Year in Review” emails to life. Mikko Westberg, Ross Nice and the team at Strava knocked it out of the park this year with a beautiful and technically sophisticated email celebrating all their athletes’ hard work. They seamlessly incorporated animation, progress bars and tons of customer data points to build one super-engaging visual experience.


What’s your favorite thing about Atlanta? If you haven’t been here before, what’s on your list to see and do?

I haven’t had the privilege of spending much time in Atlanta, but on a quick work trip a while back, I visited both the King Center and Aquarium. Both were amazing in very different ways.


To visit an Atlanta attraction of your own, plus see even more customer-driven emails in action, register for EiQ 2019.

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