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BriteVerify’s Matt McFee is a 17-year email veteran and loves building technologies that help organizations use email more profitably.  Matt and his co-founders built BriteVerify in 2009 on the belief that the email industry needed smarter tools to protect web forms and email lists from fraud and bad data.  Since its release, BriteVerify has become a leading email verification platform used by enterprises, agencies, and small businesses all over the world. We’re honored to have them as a sponsor for EiQ and, since we can’t wait for Matt to experience all we’ve got planned, we got in touch with him to find out what he’s looking forward to about the big event on March 30.

BW: What was your path to email?

MM: In 1999, after graduating from business school, I went to work for a Wall Street bank.  I didn’t end up loving the job so I joined a company called 24/7 Media in their email group.  This was March 2000, the absolute peak of the Internet boom.

BW: And you’ve stuck around ever since! Why do you believe in the channel?

MM: In the early days, businesses used email primarily as a marketing tool, which meant the value to consumers was low.  Today, consumers receive everything from purchase confirmations and receipts to flight check-in reminders and fraud alerts via email.  As companies find smarter ways to use email, the value of the channel will only improve for consumers.

BW: What is the coolest or most innovative thing going on in email?

MM: Externally, I’ve heard of some really cool micro-targeting programs based on real-time weather and sporting events.  Internally, we’re doing more platform integrations with ESPs than ever.  The movement to deliver adjacent email solutions in a programmatic fashion is definitely gaining momentum.

BW: What do you want non-believers of the channel to know?

MM: Non-believers need to stop putting so much pressure on email.  Email has its place and does its job very well.  As a channel, email receives a lot of investment and drives a ton of innovation every year.  It may not be as sexy as the latest trendy technology, but it’s hard to argue against the value email delivers to businesses and consumers every single day.

BW: What is your favorite email that you receive? What brand does email really well?

MM: Every time I get an email from NoiseBot (a funny t-shirts, hoodies and tote bags company) I have to open it immediately.  The emails are really simple and I get a good laugh in less than 30 seconds.  Any email that I HAVE to look at is considered a success in my book.

BW: We’ve gotta agree with that. Why does EiQ matter and why should anyone attend?

MM: New events like EiQ often bring a unique voice to the email community.  The speakers and content are very exciting and having the ability to learn from those that have found success with email is why EiQ is worth attending.

BW: What are you looking forward to at EiQ?

MM: I’m really looking forward to the All-Star Diversity Panel.

BW: YES! So are we. And what are you looking forward to experiencing in Atlanta (home of EIQ)?

MM: I am looking forward to the Cocktail Event (duh) and going on an adventure with the ATLiens.

Are you as ready for an ATL email adventure as Matt is? Register for EiQ here.

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