BrightWave Further Grows EiQ Conference Using Email


BrightWave is the creator and host of EiQ, a one day email conference that shook the industry with its inception in 2017. With a goal to grow the number of attendees at EiQ 2018, BrightWave utilized its expertise to promote the event via email.

For this email, the agency leveraged the positive feedback its 2017 attendees gave and the conference elements that 2018 attendees were looking forward to. With a goal to spread awareness and create engaging content– and in turn, grow the number of attendees– BrightWave highlighted 10 reasons that attendees should attend this years event.

Since awareness and engaging content were the goals of this campaign, the KPIs were open rates and click rates. The agency successfully achieved these goals: the email had an open rate 53.26% higher than the industry benchmark— showing they reached a large portion of their audience. Moreover, the click rate was 55.43% higher than the industry benchmark, proving the team successfully created content the audience was curious to learn more about. Moreover, the number of attendees grew by 33% from 2017 to 2018 with nearly 400 email marketers in attendance.

Here’s what the email looked like:


The BrightWave team has been extremely flexible. This is what makes BrightWave a critical partner. Our business changes quickly which causes sudden changes in direction that we must react to. BrightWave has done a great job of shifting resources to keep advancing the work.

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