What to Expect When You’re Expecting a Change in ESPs >

Our friends at Litmus have recently published some fascinating research on email service providers (ESPs), complete with handy tips for anyone hoping to level up their relevancy game.

Back in August, they outlined some tips for crafting a better ESP RFP. Now, they’re taking a closer look at the challenges a company can expect to face once they’re in the process of switching. Considering more than 28% of brands changed ESPs in 2017 and an additional 16% of brands are hoping to make an ESP change in 2018, there’s never been a better time to get educated on the painful, anxiety-inducing and ultimately very rewarding migration process.

BrightWave Vice President of CX Rich Wilson warns marketers of the woes of proprietary data technology while Vice President of Platform Technology Tunde Noibe cites the importance of quick, agile teamwork in the blog, “What to Expect When Switching ESPs.”  

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