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An email revolution has begun! Well, sort of. If you geek-out about anything and everything related to email development, like us email nerds here at BrightWave, then you’ve probably heard all about Gmail’s “new” support for embedded styles and media queries. Gone are the days of in-lining styles and spotty responsive design for the Gmail App. But what does this actually mean for the future of email development?

The Good:

  • With the added media query support, more subscribers are going to enjoy a better email experience on their mobile device. No more “pinching and zooming” to view content.
  • Background images can soon become a standard for designers. Gmail now supports CSS background properties allowing for innovative designs with more live text.
  • Embedded styles will streamline development and allow for cleaner and easier to read code.

The Bad:

  • The new updates aren’t rolled out everywhere. Support for Gmail App for iPhone, and Gmail on mobile browsers still require in-line styles and a mobile-friendly design. Litmus has posted a list of Gmail clients that do and don’t support the new updates here.

The Possibilities:

  • Interactive emails will be the new normal. Hamburger menus, hover states, carousels and CSS animation will become standard email development practices. With Gmail holding roughly 26% of email client market share according to Litmus Analytics, more subscribers will experience a whole new way of viewing and engaging with their email. A mini website right in your inbox!

With all these exciting capabilities, it is safe to say the future of email is upon us.

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