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Millennials just love social media, right? Aren’t they the generation for whom if you don’t share it, it didn’t happen? Well, our recent research most definitely debunked the myth that social is always important for Millennials–particularly in our fine channel of choice.

A meager 8.7% of Millennials say that relevant, engaging content would make them want to share an email.

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Despite their deep love of most social media activities, we found in our recent Millennial-focused research that younger recipients much prefer personalized messages to shareable ones. In fact, these findings led us to a little theory of own: the more one-to-one and personalized your communications, the less share-worthy. And that’s perfectly okay.

Here are some unique ways to make each and every Millennial think you’re emailing just them and move beyond the old first name shout-out technique.

  • Use dynamic background imagery based on their location or time of day – Simply incorporating a starry night or an instantly recognizable skyline snapshot can go further than you’d think.
  • Utilize browsing history to recommend products that suit their tastes – Whether you’re running a basic catalog website or a highly interactive e-commerce page, you’ve probably got a wealth of browsing data at your disposable. Use it!
  • Use social sign-ins to gather relevant data. Then use it. – Learning about your audience from what they’ve already put out into the digital world is a super clever way to parse out their unique hobbies and interests.

If you’re itching to know more about the email preferences of this much-monitored group, you won’t want to miss our webinar next month entitled Millennials + Email: How to Engage Email Natives. We’ll present even more insights into the elusive Millennial audience as well as useful tips for program cadence, frequency, creative and testing alongside top experts from Email on Acid, Fluent and Oracle. Sign up here!

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