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uber cape day
Uber is an unrivaled master of what we’ll call “stunt marketing.” In New York, they delivered kittens to their top users’ doorsteps for 15 minutes of surprise cuddling on National Cat Day. When they launched their Hampton’s service, they offered helicopter rides from NYC—hail-able via the app.

While we admire all these creative antics as marketers, we certainly love it most when they use their wacky genius for the forces of good, as they did recently for their #CapeDayATL  campaign. For one day, you could request a car using a special code and an official superhero cape would be delivered to you—in addition to Uber ATL making a donation to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Here’s a little audit of the email for the campaign.

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 4.42.21 PMSender: Uber

Subject Line: Be a superhero for the day

  • Inbox Appeal
    • Uber’s fun and unexpected subject line appealed to our curiosity without giving away the surprise that this was in support of CHOA. A great subject line incites interest without giving away so much information that the email body is rendered obsolete. (Hint: the same concept applies to the email body and landing page)
  • Awesome Imagery
    • A simple car with a cape is fun and attention-getting without taking anything away from the seriousness of the campaign
  • Clear and Concise
    • The headline and body copy are very clear about what the problem is and what recipients can do to help. A bulleted list of steps outline exactly how the campaign works, how you can get involved, and how to share on social media.
  • Hudson Strong
    • Any email featuring this lovely face is bound to be a winner. She’s a superhero in every way, and so is this campaign!

Learn more about #CapeDayATL and become a superhero sidekick on CHOA’s website.

Editor’s note: We just had to test the service out on Cape Day. We felt like regular Supermen when our golden cape arrived. Here it is, fluttering in the wind. Impressed!


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