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Rheem recently came to BrightWave with a question – How do we easily provide our trade customers with valuable information such as product news, promotions and monthly highlights so that they feel enabled to pass this on to their customers?

As the world’s-only producer of heating, cooling, water heating, pool/spa heating and commercial refrigeration products, Rheem has a lot of information to share. The trick is to deliver information that is helpful, not overwhelming, so that it isn’t so easily passed over in the inbox.

The simplest solution? A well-crafted e-newsletter.

Goal: Provide an ongoing communication to keep distributors and contractors engaged and informed of Rheem product news, monthly highlights and promotions.

Strategy + Execution: BrightWave created a newsletter template that is flexible enough to accommodate lots of content and different types of it, like videos, articles, icons with links… the list goes on. The template is clearly laid out so that the reader can quickly scan the newsletter and see which story takes priority. (It’s the big one at the top. Wink, wink nudge, nudge.) By including only a small snippet of teaser copy, the reader can easily understand the substance of the article.

Instead of doubling down on copy, the Rheem newsletter template puts the focus on imagery to help tell each story. By using this image-forward approach, this email has a good chance of visually enticing the reader to dive into the accompanying article. A lot of companies focus solely on the content for their B2B communication but, just as with B2C, the imagery is just as important. If the visual assets aren’t compelling, a reader is less likely to read the article. For the Rheem newsletter, we are using a mix of imagery, icons and color to break up content sections as well as a distinct visual style that keeps the Rheem brand cohesive.

While not only beautiful (can you say that about a newsletter?), this newsletter template is responsive, which means it will render nicely on both desktop or on a mobile device. This newsletter is longer than a traditional email, sure, but since subscribers are now hard-wired to scroll thanks to strong attachments to mobile devices, this isn’t necessarily an issue. The format clearly establishes the all the “need-to-know” info for that quarter.

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Overall, the Rheem newsletter incorporates a simple design that’s pleasing to the eye and easier to code on the backend. This means less risk of failure across different email clients. And isn’t that the goal? To bring the same first-class experience to each and every inbox through messaging and design.

Results: Rheem was very happy with the layout design and doubly pleased that the template will be easily adaptable for future iterations for their family of brands. This is the first e-newsletter for Rheem and will go into rotation later this quarter. The template should shine a spotlight on the information their distributors need, accomplishing key internal communication goals while providing end users with a relevant and eye-pleasing product.

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