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At BrightWave, we don’t just nerd out on email every day. We nerd out on email every day from our awesome office in Atlanta. Starting today,  thousands of digital marketers will ascend on our fair city for Salesforce Connections 2016. So we thought it only prudent to provide a little guide to doing Atlanta our way. Just call it a little Southern hospitality.



Where to Caffeinate
First thing’s first: To keep yourself going for the punishing day-and-night Connections schedule, you’re going to need coffee.
Walking Distance: Condesa Coffee on Auburn Ave.
It’s a bit of a hike through an interesting part of downtown to this sweet neighborhood coffee shop on an awesomely historic street.
An Uber Rider: Octane in West Midtown
This is the coffee shop of choice for Atlanta’s digital and start-up crowd, with unique locally roasted coffees and a fine selection of local craft beer on tap. It’s a perfect place to bang out some work in the afternoon while soaking up a perfectly Atlanta vibe.



Where to Eat
Atlanta is, above all, a place to experience accessible, creative, downright amazing food. But please note: Downtown is one of the only places in Atlanta that lacks in dinner options. Please consider Uber-ing to dinner. You’ll thank us. …
Walking Distance: White Oak Kitchen & Cocktails
Hands down our choice if we were wine-ing and dining downtown. An elegant but rustic space with well-executed, Southern-ish fare.
An Uber Ride: Empire State South
You’ll probably need a reservation at the place to eat creative, local modern Southern cuisine in Atlanta. But it’ll be well-worth it.



Where to Get a Drink
Or better yet, where to get someone else to buy you a drink.
Walking Distance: Trader Vic’s
This bizarre Atlanta institution is simply the best for people watching—and we know that Connections will make it even more strange/awesome. It’s a basement tiki bar straight out of the 1950s, with all the plastic umbrellas and flaming drinks you’d expect.
An Uber Ride: Proof & Provision
If you’d like to impress a client or prospect, we’d suggest the fabulous cocktail bar under the Georgian Terrace for perfectly made drinks and a Prohibition-era speakeasy vibe.

What to Do (If You Really Want to Be a Local)
If you’re staying for the weekend, and want to go all out…
Walking/Riding Distance: Take the Streetcar to Sweet Auburn Market & Sister Louisa’s Church of the Living Room & Ping Pong Emporium
Atlanta’s split into three smaller towns, really: Buckhead, Midtown and Downtown. The latter, where the conference is being held, has seen a bit of a resurgence of late thanks to the investment of cool projects like the Switchwards Downtown Club, an accelerator for consumer-facing start-ups, and the slick new Atlanta Street Car. Hop on the streetcar near the conference and take a ride to the historic Sweet Auburn Curb Market. Feeling frisky? Hop back on and ride to a strange but awesome ping pong bar run by a local artist with very, um, unique taste. (It’s Sister Louisa’s, but you’ll know it by the sign that says “Church.”) You’ll feel 100 percent local, BrightWave guaranteed.



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