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BWM logos old and newWorld, meet the new BrightWave logo. It’s fresh. It’s dynamic. It’s got just the right amount of modern pop. Just like us.

Compliment fishing aside, our original logo had seen some years. Developed in 2003, it was a “trade project,” a barter for our email services that served us very well for over 11 years. It reflected all that we aspired to be as a young company: professional thought leaders and trusted email experts. Since then, we’ve succeeded in those arenas and, well, we’ve raised the bar just a bit.

Now we’re an agency that values being innovative, fun and passionate, too. And—how’s this for timing?—we just moved into a modern new office, doubling our workspace and giving us all kinds of room to flex our creative muscles. Really, you should come by and have a Terrapin Rye at our sweet new bar. It only takes a few drinks before we start flexing—literally. More on the new space soon, promise.

So after much designing and tinkering and tweaking (and maybe even a few tears), we figured that the new BrightWave logo should be true to its roots—it should be more of an evolution of the original.

“I am really proud of our creative team as a new logo is a bigger deal than most probably realize,” said CEO Simms Jenkins. “I think they nailed it—this new logo and our change to BrightWave launches us forward on our next phase as a company. I really like how the new logo represents who we have become and who we aspire to be over the next decade.”

BWM logos old and new


Creative Director Jessica Higgins and Interactive AD Scott Day teamed up to create the modern, streamlined, downright awesome logo. Here are just a few things we love about the design they landed on.

The wave itself has been silhouetted, with three “cut out” pieces that do not touch. This makes the graphic more streamlined and modern—but it’s also a matter of function. The cut out wave looks bold and impactful in black and white. The waves are all different sizes to make them dynamic, like they are always in motion—which is why we’re all about waves in the first place.

The typeface is one of the biggest changes. The original logo used the unmistakable Times New Roman (when Microsoft Word has moved on from a font, it’s a sign that you probably should too). We’ve swapped that “serif” font for a “sans serif”—then customized it a little, tinkering with the scoop of the “R,” for example. The rounded edges of the font give it a bit of an innovative, technology-focused feeling.

So, um, elephant in the room: Did we forget to add the word “marketing” to our logo? No, we intentionally left it off. We’re just going by BrightWave now. This isn’t an artistic Prince move. We like the brevity and think we’ve established ourselves enough as a brand that you fine people know just what we do.

Lastly, we’ve bolded the word “bright” to give it a shining, neon-lit feeling and left all letters the same size. This makes the logo feel visually seamless and unified. All part of our vision for the company, so it makes good sense.

Exciting stuff, right? Well, that’s not the only trick we’ve got up our sleeve. We’ll be giving our website an overhaul, too. Sign up for the BrightWave Report or follow our blog to keep up with our progress. Heck, do both. You don’t want to miss our invitation to the new bar.

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