Keeping Email in Focus: What Marketers Need Right Now >

In these days of social distancing, email has become more important than ever. Billboards look out onto empty streets, and radio ads are missed as cars sit idle in driveways. But the inbox is always accessible. And that one-to-one, personalized connection has become a lifeline for businesses and their customers.

Email may be marketing’s workhorse during the COVID-19 epidemic. But inbox experts still face other challenges that existed prior to these strange times. This past winter, we surveyed EiQ attendees and email geeks to discover their biggest priorities and challenges. We condensed our findings into an infographic that’s as informative as it is easy on the eyes. (Scroll to the bottom of this page to see it with your own eyes.) 

Not surprisingly, 88% of respondents said email is key to their business success, while 45% declared it was critical. Besides an emphasis on mobile-first communications, email geeks are all about messaging and measuring impact. Their top three priorities this year are strategy, reporting/analytics and creative/content.

They also rate data management, strategy and reporting/analytics as their biggest challenges. What do they want to improve this year? The areas with the greatest impact include cross-channel integration, customer engagement rates and customer utilization.

Regardless of the current business climate, the future looks bright for email. Nearly 70% of all respondents said they will hire an email agency or invest in a new ESP or CDP this year. For those of us in the industry, inbox investment is a welcoming sight. 



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