Litmus Conference Takeaway: Optimizing (Sometimes Awful) Content for Email >

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Today, at the Litmus Email Design Conference, I’m speaking about ways to take content from other channels, like social, blog posts and print, and retrofit it for the inbox—in other words, ways to make it email-perfect.

If you were there—hot dang—I hope the talk got your synapses firing with awesome ideas. I sincerely hope you are raring to get back your desk with those tactics—jazzing up long, boring blog posts, fancifying blah print photography, getting crafty with old school coupons.

And while you are here, you can also follow our humble little email marketing blog, for weekly(ish) bits of inspiration. Just enter your email in the box to the right (wait, I’m guessing you know how this works).

If you weren’t there—sad face—you can still download our little cheat sheet and learn more about adapting content from other mediums. This downloadable .pdf is available for all to have and to hold.


Got your own ideas for adapting content for email? Be a dear and share them with us, won’t you?

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