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sophieheroShe’s a rockstar at heart, a world traveler, and lucky for us, a BrightWave Campaign Manager! Sophie Cox knows that success here means being brave and being bada**. She caters to her clients with an expert eye, and she caters to her coworkers too—she was the party-planning mastermind behind our White Elephant holiday bash, complete with these gourmet cheese plates. Respect.

So now we’re giving you a peek into Sophie-world. Spoiler alert: it’s awesome in there.

  • When Sophie was little, she wanted to be a rockstar. She says, “I would sing songs in the backseat and dream about touring with a band and performing live on stage.” It turns out, a few of her friends took the musician route, so she rocks the fangirl role now.
  • Her first purchase with her own money was the Spice Girls dolls. (We’re sensing a musical theme here…maybe our next office outing should include karaoke.)
  • If she were a pro-ball player, her walk-up song would be “Bossy” by Kelis, because she’s bossy and proud. Own it, girl!
  • The first celeb who made Sophie starry-eyed as a kid was Devon Sawa, first in “The Little Giants” and then in “Wild America.” Be still her romantic little heart.
  • If Sophie were an Atlanta landmark, she’d be Manuel’s Tavern. “My dad was a political consultant and would take me there for many a meeting/fundraiser growing up. I still visit from time to time, only now it’s for a couple of cold ones with friends. Time flies, right?”
  • Her favorite place she’s been is Madrid. She spent a week exploring, drinking wine, eating boquerones and making memories. (Um, can we go?)
  • Sophie’s go-to drink is a Mule with Mezcal, Reed’s Extra Ginger Beer and a lime. “Plus some 18.21 bitters if I’m feeling festive,” she adds. And let’s face it, when aren’t we feeling festive around here?

Editor’s note: Seriously, we can’t believe our good luck that we snagged someone like Sophie for our crew. And there’s plenty more members of our talented team—read our past Meet a BrightWaver posts here and check out all our open positions here

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