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The past three months have been busy and full of exciting things here at BrightWave. April brought our second EiQ conference, May opened a new chapter with moving to an amazing new office and June held BrightWave’s 15th anniversary celebration.

This month also kicked off our 2018 summer internship program. We have five new faces at BrightWave who bring different interests– one of them collects vinyl and one restores old furniture– and career paths that range from public relations to computer science.

Read on to learn more about this group of talented go-getters that have recently hit the ground running at the leading email and eCRM agency.




About me: My name is Kristin Burton, and I hail from Lawrenceville, GA. I recently graduated cum laude from Auburn University with my B.A. in public relations. I’m starting my next chapter as an intern with the Client Services department at BrightWave.

Interning at BrightWave: I’ve really enjoyed the culture and felt right at home since day one! Everyone has treated me just like any other employee and not “just an intern.” A few of the projects I’ve already tackled include testing client emails to ensure they’re working properly, learning how to use Salesforce marketing cloud, and creating and executing client project plans.

Fun Fact: My late grandfather was a home builder in St Marys, GA, and he named one of the neighborhoods there– Kristin’s Place– after me.




About me: My name is Jack Brozek and I’m from Decatur, GA. I’m a rising senior at the University of Georgia where I’m earning my bachelor’s degree in marketing with a minor in communications and a certificate in entrepreneurship.

Interning at BrightWave: I’m interning in BrightWave’s Client Services department. Working at an email agency has shown me that more thought and work goes into a single email than I ever imagined. Luckily, I’m surrounded by really smart people who teach me what all goes into creating effective and beautiful emails.

Fun Fact: I like to collect vinyl records in my free time.




About me: I’m Will Trimble and like most of our intern class, I’m from the Atlanta area as well. I’m entering my sophomore year at Dartmouth College and double majoring in computer science and economics.

Interning at BrightWave: I’m interning for two departments: Sales and Marketing and Rapid Project Delivery. So far, I’ve learned about the tools, programs and strategies BrightWave uses for their external marketing and sales. It’s been great gaining knowledge and skills in new areas while enjoying BrightWave’s nice, new office!

Fun fact: I sing in an a cappella group at school. 




About me: My name’s Andrew Robertson. I’ve lived in Atlanta since 2011, but I grew up in the watermelon capital of the world, Cordele, GA. I currently attend Georgia State University and study senior computer science with a concentration in graphics and human-computer interaction. I also hold a B.A. in International Affairs from UGA.

Interning at BrightWave: So far as an intern for the Technology Department, I’ve practiced coding emails and I’m currently working on an internal project with BrightWave’s VP of Platform Technology that will launch later this year. After the internal project is finished, I’ll also design and code an email to announce its launch.

Fun fact: I enjoy camping and restoring old furniture in my free time.




About me: My name is Hiba Khan. I’m a Connecticut-born Pakistani American, but I’ve resided in Georgia most of my life. At Georgia State University, I’m in my junior year and majoring in computer science.

Interning at BrightWave: BrightWave is a very relaxed and comfortable place to work, and I’m really enjoying my internship with the Technology team. Currently, I’m training to become IBM Watson certified to write in the database as well as write queries and create relational tables. 

Fun fact: My random fact is that I was an extra in the Marvel movie Spider-Man Homecoming. I got to meet Zendaya and Tom Holland!

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