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Following the highly anticipated launch of the iPhone X, Apple deployed an email to customers who purchased the device.  The purpose of the campaign was to educate customers about the features, benefits and overall evolution of technology supporting the new iPhone.  The email included approximately 13 sections of content, some containing multiple static images.  Due to the nature of the targeted messaging (and the highly engaged customer base), the volume of content and length of the email wasn’t disruptive, however, there was a missed opportunity to push innovation and make this campaign amazing.  Considering Apple’s positioning as a best-in-class marketer and the symbolic nature of the iPhone X launch, this message was a prime candidate for inclusion of innovative, immersive elements such as kinetic design.

Taking this Campaign to the Next Level

While the landing page for the iPhone X also features an extensive range of content via the scrolling journey, animation and other interactive design elements are used throughout to help highlight functionality and elevate the site visitor experience. To highlight how the supporting email could have taken the recipient experience to the next level, we have listed some thoughts below.

1. Kinetic feature support: Following the introductory hero section, the email includes a summary of key UX elements based upon the new swipe actions for the phone. The behaviors are identified along with a static image of the phone interface.  By using kinetic design here to allow the user to engage with the swipe actions, Apple could have created a much more engaging piece of content that could also serve to educate the customer on how to interact with the actual device.



2. Animation: The animoji feature is one of the fun elements that was activated with the launch of the iPhone X.  This feature uses the facial recognition scanner combined with a selection of cute animal faces and allows users to create custom snippets of animation and sound to send to friends.   By using simple animation within the image below (showing the animal faces moving in standard animoji fashion), the impact and appeal of this feature could have been clearly highlighted.



3. Scrolling/panoramic image effect:  To highlight the augmented reality call-out within the content, use of a scrolling, 360 degree image effect would have been amazing.  This type of design element would allow the user to scroll around the image within the email, reinforcing the augmented reality feel.



4. Kinetic carousel: The “Get even more out of your iPhone” a/k/a blanket set of features section of the content includes a collection of nine static images.  This content could have been positioned in a carousel style using kinetic design so the user could scroll through the features and engage with the content in a manner similar to what is typically found in web experiences.



We couldn’t fit the entire email in this post (we weren’t kidding when we said it was lengthy!) Check out a full image of it in this link.


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