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Sporting goods brand Mizuno tasked BrightWave with creating holiday emails to drive revenue and engagement across its major divisions last year. The creative, highly engaging concept that we came up with was a bit of a game-changer, turning heads both internally and externally. The idea was simple: We identified expert staff members, then allowed them to handpick items for the guide and give a personal quote about why they love that particular Mizuno gear. This relevant, unique content drove unsubscribe rates down and helped the holiday emails account for 20% of the year’s revenue from the email channel. 

How’d we do it? Download our new case study to get a step-by-step analysis, which you can squirrel away for next holiday season or put to use right now in your email program. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Inspiring creative examples
  • Actionable tips on strategy & execution
  • Quick takeaways you can put to work in your program right away





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