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Salesforce has been a long-time partner of the BrightWave team. Over the years, we’ve logged countless hours in Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) in an effort to help our clients achieve their email and business goals. 

Since keeping our SFMC expertise sharp is critical, our team holds multiple certifications in the platform and always jumps at the opportunity to maximize our education. So when the Salesforce World Tour made a stop in our hometown of Atlanta last week, we didn’t miss the chance to further boost our Salesforce know-how.

Our team left the event with a laundry list of takeaways. But we’ll keep it short and sweet by recapping our top five highlights:



1. Ability to experience multiple sessions at once

The speakers and content were so dynamic, it was hard to choose just one. Luckily, they had headphones so that attendees could tune into any presentation that was happening at the same time.


2. Case studies that inspired us

Hearing about cutting-edge work our partners are creating is always encouraging. But Salesforce took innovation to a new level with a demo that showcased how our team could utilize their content builder to completely customize content in real time. 


3. Expanding our email tribe & network

We came, we saw, we conqueredand we walked out with more than a few new friends. Thanks to another successful Salesforce event, we rubbed elbows with innovative marketers, tech gurus and other trailblazers from across the country.


4. Major knowledge dropping

As an email agency, we understand the importance of email’s relationship with other channels and technology platforms. Our attention was laser focused on all of the Fourth Industrial Revolution content and the larger picture of how we are all connected.


5. Learning about the growing impact in Atlanta

Salesforce may call California home, but its Atlanta location is one of the company’s regional headquarters and employees hundreds of individuals who make a real difference. With over 105,000 contributed volunteer hours and a new $500,000 grant for local 3DE schools, thousands of Atlantians feel the positive impact of Salesforce’s presence.


There’s no doubt that the Salesforce World Tour was an information-packed day of learning and networking. We highly recommend catching them at one of their next stops across the globe. For a look at what’s next for our team on the gathering front, including events we are hosting, visit BrightWave.com/events.

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