Our work for Synovus is winning awards. See how we’re making your inbox a little extra. >

We created a highly visual campaign for Synovus to give a special credit card offer to existing customers, and it’s received quite a bit of attention this year. Our most recent W included a 2019 Davey Award in the Email Marketing for Online Advertising & Marketing category. 

The Davey Awards are all about honoring the best small shops worldwide, and that’s just what they did for this campaign. So, how did we create such a buzz-worthy campaign? 

We approached this campaign with a brand new strategy for the creative. To help customers quickly take action and apply for a credit card, we made the content digestible using simplified copy, larger font sizes and big CTAs with bold colors. 

The results of this strategy? A campaign that worked — 794 people filled out a credit card application within the first 15 hours of deployment, which was an all time record for Synovus.

Check out the eye-catching creative below. Then, get a taste of our other award-winning emails here

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