Altruism and eCommerce

I’m an email marketing strategist at BrightWave Marketing. But I also have another life as a therapist. That’s right, a ‘talk-about-your-problems’ therapist. I’m used to hearing jokes around the office like ‘what does this dream mean, Sweitzer?’ and the like. Rarely do my two worlds meet. But recently I received an email from Amazon that brought the two worlds together and it’s worth highlighting. The… Read more »

New Tools Spotlight: Return Path Inbox Insight

One aspect of my role at BrightWave Marketing is to evaluate and recommend complementary solutions for our clients’ email programs. My team also shares responsibility for performing analysis of our clients’ email programs and campaigns. This will be the first-ever ‘New Tools’ spotlight where I’ll be sharing about new tools that we believe could enhance email programs. So, if you know of any new technology… Read more »

How Email Fits into Marketing Automation & Vice Versa: My Chat With Marketo’s Jon Miller

Jon Miller is VP Marketing and co-founder at Marketo, where he leads Marketo’s thought leadership and content marketing programs. He recently co-wrote a free 150+ book along with DJ Waldow called The Definitive Guide to Engaging Email Marketing. You can follow Jon using @jonmiller. 1.       Jenkins – How do you view email marketing as a marketing channel and how do you email marketing within the… Read more »