We Ran 110 Miles with the Mizuno Baton

One thing that we love about working on the email program for our client Mizuno is the passion and conviction they have—both the company and the fans. Mizuno truly believes that running is powerful, that it can change the world one person at a time. It’s pretty easy to get infected with that kind of positive thinking and take to the open road (even with… Read more »

#CNX14 Watch: Gearing Up for Connections

At BrightWave, being North America’s leading email agency, we have a lot of smart and focused people. This time of year, we put our thinking caps on even tighter as we prepare for another ExactTarget Connections conference. Yes, we’ve thoroughly combed tracks and agenda. Our new business cards are locked and loaded. Though we don’t touch down in Indianapolis until September 22, here’s what members of… Read more »

BrightWave Finalist for OMMA Award for Dynamic Equifax Email

We just love it when a great plan comes together… BrightWave is a finalist for a prestigious New York City-based OMMA online media award for the first time ever. The nod for Best Email Campaign went to our team for an Equifax email that represents some of our best teamwork and most creative thinking on dynamic, personalized content to date. Equifax called on BrightWave to… Read more »

400 Reasons Why Email @*#$% Rocks

I can’t adequately describe in words the value of attending and participating in the Litmus Email Design Conference (aka #TEDC14). There was a palpable energy flowing from the moment the conference kicked off to the very end. The vibe was intimate, the content was focused, the weather was perfect – I got the sense that most everyone walked away excited and equipped with more of… Read more »

Surprise Lessons from the Litmus Conference

  As the Litmus Email Design Conference winds down, we’re swimming in new, innovative ideas for our clients’ emails—like Scrooge McDuck backstroking in them. Here are four unexpected, immediate takeaways that we’re itching to implement. Right now. It’s time to blow up the CTA. Buy Now. Take the survey. Learn more. Bo-ring. And, as it turns out, these CTAs are pretty terrible at getting the job… Read more »

Overheard at the Litmus Email Conference

3 days. 400 email geeks. 23 talks on email design, testing, strategy, content and more. It’d be pretty fun to be a fly on the wall there, no? We thought you might say that. So as we got our feet wet at the Litmus Email Design Conference today, we couldn’t help but jot down the most strange/enlightening quotations from the email community. Just admit it:… Read more »

5 Reasons We’re Excited About the Litmus Conference

Sure, there’s something to be said for huge, expansive digital conferences, like the upcoming ExactTarget Connections spectacular—places where you never know what you’re going to learn about (the collaborative economy?) or who you’re going to meet (Will.i.am?!). But we’ve also got a choice phrase or two for conferences like the Litmus Email Design Conference, which we’ll be attending this week with bells on. It’s small,… Read more »

I’ve Got 99 Reasons…

Email continues to rock, and this week special guest contributor Jay Jhun of BrightWave provides some reasons why email is as powerful as ever – and maybe even better than ever.

The New BrightWave Office—And the Superpowers It Gives Us

We’ve noticed something kind of…unusual here at BrightWave lately: Having a beautiful, spacious, calming new workspace has given us even more email superpowers. Yes, a few months back we bid a fond farewell to our office on Peachtree & 25th and moved into a crazy-awesome office just up the road. We’ve been brimming with pride over our new space, which is over twice the size… Read more »

Atlanta’s Top Global Email Influencers + More Evidence of Atlanta as The Email Marketing Capital

Often used as click bait, top expert lists are not always the most perfectly curated resources. We know this as both marketers and consumers, but with a catchy headline or a topic that is relevant or appealing, these lists can be a bit hard to resist. A recent expert list caught a lot of people’s attention in our little email marketing world. This list came… Read more »