BrightWave’s Jenkins and Kollas Recognized as Top Industry Leaders to Follow This Year recently named The Top 50 Marketing Influencers to Follow in 2020 👨‍💻. They divided their list into 5 categories- Growth Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and SEO and recognized the thought leaders in the industry.  Two of our very own BrightWave influencers were named to this prestigious marketing all-star list.    Simms Jenkins, CEO of BrightWave, is recognized as one… Read more »

A Recap of BrightWave’s Award Winning 2019

The BrightWave team takes a lot of pride in what we do and the people who do it. To keep us focused on achieving new goals, we tie one of our yearly agency goals to external recognition and awards. And to our excitement, we learned that we blew our goal out of the water by recently winning three Marketer Quarterly Awards.  To celebrate this big… Read more »

6 Steps to Getting Your 2020 Started on the Right Foot

Coming back from a busy holiday season can be a stressful time for any marketer with new goals and initiatives, year-end reporting, and business-as-usual work to complete. But after your aggressive year-end email marketing campaigns, how can you start the year on the right foot? Here are some tips to get your email program off and running in the new year!     1. Take a breath… Read more »

Join Our Free Webinar & Level Up Your Finance and Healthcare Emails

Leveling Up Your Financial Services and Healthcare Email Program THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 13 | 2:00 PM EST As email marketers, there are challenges to working in tightly regulated verticals like financial services and healthcare. From creating content that’s personalized yet private, to keeping your program innovative and fresh, captivating your audience is no small feat. Subject matter experts from BrightWave, Movable Ink, UnitedHealthcare, and Marcus by Goldman… Read more »

Jenkins Gives Insight to Digital Accessibility in Forbes’ 2020 Marketing Trends

2020 is in full swing, and the BrightWave team is diving into all things trending in marketing this year.   In a recent Forbes article — 15 Top Marketing Trends That May Impact 2020 —  CEO Simms Jenkins shares a trend marketers can’t ignore in 2020 — increased accessibility across channels. Get insight on this important topic and other 2020 trends here.

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at BrightWave’s 2019 Mad Lib Holiday Email

There’s no shortage of seasonal traditions here at BrightWave. From our annual Thanksgiving potluck and holiday party, to new traditions like Secret Santa, we go all out for the most wonderful time of the year.   Another annual staple is the BrightWave holiday card. Each year, our email-loving team sends cheer to our clients, partners and friends with an out-of-the-inbox interactive email. You may remember our… Read more »

BrightWave Crowns Becca Rowles as its 2019 Quartermaster

The BrightWave annual holiday party is a celebration of our team’s successes, and we had a lot to celebrate this year. We significantly grew our team and offerings by joining forces with Ansira, hosted the best day in email at our third annual EiQ conference, and crowned an exceptional BrightWaver — Becca Rowles — as our newest Quartermaster.  You may ask, “What is a Quartermaster?” Simply put, the… Read more »

Why You Need to Add Deliverability to Your Program’s KPIs

As email marketers, it’s important to regularly check in on our strategies and key performance indicators. These assessments help us make sure that our strategies are matching our business goals and we are reporting on all vital KPIs. A commonly overlooked KPI is deliverability. It is absolutely surprising how many marketers don’t focus on it. If you don’t know where your messages are landing, in… Read more »

Our work for Synovus is winning awards. See how we’re making your inbox a little extra.

We created a highly visual campaign for Synovus to give a special credit card offer to existing customers, and it’s received quite a bit of attention this year. Our most recent W included a 2019 Davey Award in the Email Marketing for Online Advertising & Marketing category.  The Davey Awards are all about honoring the best small shops worldwide, and that’s just what they did for… Read more »

Email Spotlight 2019 Was One for the Books (and so Are These 9 Recap Photos)

Whether we’re hosting our annual EiQ conference or on the road with Edge of the Inbox, we love bringing the email community together here at BrightWave. The secret sauce for our events is mixing educational content with a fun attendee experience, and that’s just what we did last week at Email Spotlight.  This fast-paced event brought over 20 vendors and hundreds of digital practitioners to… Read more »

Five Holiday Email Tips for Non-Retailers

  November and December are key revenue-driving months for many companies, who begin to craft their holiday email strategies months ahead of time. While this is a critical time of the year for many senders, not all senders focus as heavily on these months, especially non-retail brands. If you fall into this category, follow these helpful tips to ensure your messages stand out in a… Read more »

CEO Simms Jenkins Gives Insight to Financial Marketing Email Strategies

BrightWave’s best-in-class finance email services mean fresh inbox strategies for even the most tightly regulated spaces. Check out ”New Email Habits & Trends Demand Fresh Financial Marketing Strategies” for CEO Simms Jenkins’ insights to meeting financial customer expectations and innovating the inbox.

Email Spotlight Brings Together the Industry’s Best and Brightest

As engagement reaches an all-time high, there is no doubt that email is the most cost effective and lucrative marketing channel.  Join us and 23 leading email vendors as we discuss the power of email and its diverse ecosystem during our annual Email Spotlight on November 6, 5-8 pm. This informative and engaging event will leave you equipped to maximize your customers’ engagement with your… Read more »

A Look Back at Our First Edge of the Inbox Event

Four years ago, BrightWave changed the industry’s event landscape by creating EiQ. Since then, we have hosted hundreds of digital marketers and given them a truly unique attendee experience at our Atlanta-based email conference.  EiQ has been so successful that we decided to create a new event — Edge of the Inbox — so attendees across the country could get a taste of the best… Read more »

Edge of the Inbox Sponsor Spotlight: 250ok

BrightWave’s newest email event, Edge of the Inbox, is kicking off in Dallas, TX tomorrow. This gathering is focused on all things email innovation and wouldn’t be complete without sponsors like 250ok that are just as edgy.  250ok’s email analytics platform brings marketers advanced insights into email deliverability, design, sender reputation, fraud protection and consumer engagement. Learn more about their unique products, what’s on their… Read more »

Edge of the Inbox Sponsor Spotlight: Cordial

In just two days, we’re hosting our first ever Edge of the Inbox event. Dallas’s most digital-savvy marketers will get a taste of our EiQ conference at this event with a unique attendee experience and game-changing content from speakers at Brinker International, Southwest Airlines, Sally Beauty and more. Attendees will also have the chance to meet our innovative, industry-leading sponsors like Cordial, a company that… Read more »

Edge of the Inbox Sponsor Spotlight: Liveclicker

As the host of acclaimed email gatherings, BrightWave has changed the industry’s event landscape, especially with our annual email conference, EiQ. So after creating what is widely regarded as the most innovative email conference, we asked ourselves, “Where do we go from here?” Meet Edge of the Inbox, a cutting-edge event that gives attendees across the country a taste of EiQ. It’s a night dedicated… Read more »

My Unconventional (But Awesome) Career Growth Journey

All of my life, my parents have told me that I can do anything I put my mind to. I know that sounds incredibly simple and basic. But, it is personally tried and true and ultimately a mantra I have subconsciously lived by my entire life. Whenever I doubted myself or was terrified of change, I always heard them in my head (or through the… Read more »

9 Reasons We’re Still Talking About 48in48

Year in and year out, there’s one event BrightWave participates in that stands out above the rest. It instills tremendous joy and empathy in our entire team, from the planning committee to those on the front lines. It allows us to take our expertise as the leading email and eCRM agency and apply it to the greater good. And it gives us a chance to… Read more »

“The Reinvention Of Modern Email Marketing” Forbes Article

BrightWave Founder and CEO Simms Jenkins has authored two definitive email marketing books. Fast forward a few years later and he has written the latest chapter on the reinvention of our beloved channel in his Forbes article, “The Reinvention Of Modern Email Marketing.”