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You don’t need fancy marketing automation software to get into the email marketing segmentation game. Start targeting your audience today with these simple and straightforward segmentation strategies:

Demographics – The old stand by. Simply picking up your customer’s age, gender or marital status can be a quick and easy way to tailor imagery and messaging to make your communications more relevant.

Site Behavior – Tracking site behavior is another easy way to get more information about your customer. For example, if your banking customer clicks on a web banner about mortgages, that may signify they are getting ready to buy a home and you can send targeted emails about finding the right mortgage.

Email Engagement – Another tried and true method. By using open and click thru rates you can delineate your active members vs. lapsed i.e. someone who hasn’t opened an email in 3 months. This allows to create specialized Winback campaigns aimed at re-engaging inactive members. And for your active customers you can customize campaigns that further target members that clicked through a specific offer.

Quizzes – Popping in a fun quiz is a great way to learn about your customers preferences. For example in the below email, we ask the customer which amenities they prefer in order to gain a deeper understanding of the customer personas and what type and style of apartment they may prefer. This can help to inform future touches with right types of apartments.

Purchase History – Looking at your customers’ purchase history can tell you a lot about what messages to serve up in order to drive conversion. Here’s some criteria that can be helpful:

  • Average Order Value – Looking at amount spent can help you group your consumer by expense history to determine which customers are likely to buy high dollar items and which are more interested in affordable products. You can then target these consumers with messaging that would appeal to their spending preferences. For example, those customers that typically purchase affordable products might be more engaged with communications around discounted products.
  • Frequency – Customers that purchase on a regular basis should be talked to differently than less frequent buyers. Upselling and promotional messaging would drive higher engagement with your regular customers as opposed to your one time buyers who would be more likely to convert with a discounted offer.

Don’t let email marketing segmentation intimidate you. It isn’t reserved only for high profile brands with the most advanced marketing automation. With a simple email marketing service and a little imagination, you can create smart strategies to tailor more relevant communications to your customers today.

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