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Even with brands they like or do business with, the number one reason that Millennials unsubscribe is because they receive emails too often. Nearly half of the nice, young folk we surveyed earlier this year told us that this is the reason they opt out of a program–and there’s a good chance this audience makes up the bulk of your list. If not now, soon.

Conclusion: Frequency matters. Even more than you might think. Optimizing your cadence should be a top priority for your business particularly since the “magic number” is slightly different for every audience… and every person.

Maybe you’re already aware that blasting is a faux pas circa 1995. Well, going right along with the call for well-moderated frequency is a call for proper opt down mechanisms. Millennials in particular are all about their personal preferences. Giving them the ability to hone in on the types of communications they receive—and how often—allows them to buy into the programs they have a real interest in.

Some pointers:

  • Put two links near each other in your footer: One to unsubscribe and one to manage preferences and have an internal plan so managing this doesn’t get too onerous.
  • Integrate preference collection into your welcome series when your audience is the most engaged and before you’ve already doled out more than they can handle.
  • If you think you’ll have trouble eliciting the preferences, consider an incentive for handing over preferences, like a simple discount or giveaway.

If you find yourself losing some subscribers after scaling back or introducing a preference center, don’t worry. Instead of cursing your subscribers as they are jumping ship, rejoice for the loyal fans that remain. Having a smaller, more engaged audience is better for your deliverability in the long run—and better for your business by extension.

Want to learn more about the Millennial email mindset? Join us and some of our closest email-obsessed pals for a Millennial-focused webinar on October 26, entitled Millennials + Email: How to Engage Email Natives. We’ll be presenting some useful survey results plus tips for program cadence, frequency, creative and testing alongside top experts from Email on Acid, Fluent and Oracle.

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