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Customer Experience. Customer Journey. Big Data. These buzzwords have been rampant in the email industry for several years now. And then 2017 saw the addition of words like A.I., Machine Learning, and Interactivity. These buzzwords clearly demonstrate that email is not only “not dead,” but decidedly thriving. However, what is often less clear is how to implement these tactics and strategies into your own program in a meaningful and impactful way, so we’ve broken-down the steps to this essential process.

1. Choose a Starting Point– It’s easy to get tripped up in this first step when it becomes clear how many unique journeys there are. But every journey starts somewhere. Select a single entry point – a website form or inquiry, an abandoned cart, an initial purchase.

2. Identify Micro-Conversion Points– At a high level, what is the next action you wish the customer to take? Think like your customer – what is the next thing they will need to know, want, or do prior to making the ultimate conversion?

3. Align Consumer Behaviors to Journey Phases– Understanding where your customer is and what they need at each step along the way is crucial. Here are some impactful questions to consider about your customer’s behaviors: What are their rational and emotional needs when they are a new prospect? What about when they’re a serious lead or in the conversion funnel? Do they need casual knowledge, technical, and/or financial detail?

4. Create a Program Roadmap- A customer’s journey phase and behaviors then dictate the appropriate campaign types – lead nurture, branding, welcome, post-purchase, etc. – and begins to define the ways in which these campaigns can be personalized.

5. Iterate and Optimize Without End– “Set it and forget it” no longer applies! There must be thoughtful, well-planned testing based on pre-determined KPIs.

The best email tactics and strategies don’t stand a chance without effective and meaningful implementation. Next time your program is taking a new direction, make sure to use these steps to assure the process is successful.

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