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There’s something you need to know about us here at BrightWave: We’re a little obsessive about beer—just ask our Chief Keg Officer. (IT’S A THING.)

When we moved to our shiny new HQ in South Buckhead last year, one of our first orders of business was to get a game plan together for the two beers on tap in the Siren lounge/bar. Some principles were laid out for our beer rotation: There should always be a local and a seasonal on tap. We would strive to be crafty but also to appeal to broad and diverse BrightWave tastes.

After almost a year in hoppy heaven, the line-up is really taking shape thanks to the tireless efforts of the CKO. So we thought it was high time to announce our beer line-up to the world, with our very BrightWave tasting notes for each. You know, for educational purposes.

On Tap in the Siren So Far

beersTerrapin Rye (Pale Ale)

Our very first brew was a no-brainer, a mainstay from Terrapin in Athens: the award-winning Rye Pale Ale. The rye added to this hoppy pale ale gives it a subtle bite of spice, making it both sassy and enjoyable. (Kind of like hanging out with us, eh?)

Sweetwater Spinner Bait (Belgian Style Red)

We knew that representing the hometown beer heroes at SweetWater was non-negotiable. So we opted for the short-lived but mighty delicious Belgian Red that was seasonally available last winter and spring. Its deep red hue was awfully festive and the sweet, malty, bread-y flavor was a nice warming way to get through the abnormally long Atlanta winter.

Allagash White (Belgian Wheat)

This American take on a Belgian wheat was definitely the all-time favorite at the Siren. Bright and fruit-forward with awesome notes of spice and orange peel, this cloudy brew cheered us up on many a rainy day.

Monday Night Drafty Kilt (Scotch Ale)

We dig everything about this up-and-coming Atlanta brewery: their bootstrapping ways, their clever branding, their sweet tasting room. We thought* that the sweet, smoky, roast-y scotch ale would be super approachable for most people—but looks like we were a bit off the mark. It was the slowest brew to rotate through the bar.

*We were wrong.

Orpheus Atalanta (Tart Plum Saison)

Soon after we arrived in our new space, our CEO surprised us with a beer tasting, courtesy of Hop City’s Raconteur of Refreshment, Mina. (Best “401k meeting” ever!) We realized then that tart and sour flavors play well with the BrightWave audience. In short order we brought a dry, acidic “sweet tart” of a beer on home. It was polarizing, with its sour, in-your-face nature.

Oskar Blues Mama’s Little Yella Pils (Pilsen)

When summer humidity started to creep into Georgia, we knew it was time for something light and refreshing. After trying out a few crisp, light lagers and pilsners on the crew, we found the universal crowd-pleasing winner from Colorado’s Oskar Blues. Get it? Mama’s Little Yellow Pils?

Ballast Point Calico (Amber Ale)

We hosted the first ever Email Spotlight this year, a meeting of the minds to show off all of the awesome technology and talent in the email world. The major bonus was that we got to invite all our favorite clients and vendors to our new place and ply them with drinks. And our friends at BrightVerify got us one of the coolest office-warming presents ever for the event: a sixtel of Ballast Point’s super tasty Amber. The rich, bold, floral beer was a total winner.

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Even though we’ve got lots of promising new beer ideas on the tip of our tongues (literally!), we thought we would crowd source our next selection. So… what should we get next? It’s got to be crafty and delicious. Help us out in the comments.


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