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Welcome to Episode 1 of the Inbox Audit, a column that does a quick but deep dive into a particular send that has captured our attention. Since we look at a metric ton of email each week at BrightWave, we hope these snapshots are truly inbox standouts. Here’s one from Pottery Barn:


Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 9.28.55 AM

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 9.29.18 AMSender: Pottery Barn

Subject Line: Just In – 100s of NEW Arrivals

Pre-header: Plus, save up to 40% on all duvets – in stores & online.

There are lots of reasons that Pottery Barn has a bit of a cult following: amazing furniture, gorgeous décor, finely stitched pillows. It’s hard to not want to live in a Pottery Barn catalog. (At this point, pause and check out the hilarious Catalog Living, if you haven’t already.)

We also dig Pottery Barn…but our top reason is the perfectly timed treats that illuminate our inbox every few days. Here are some of the things to love about the most recent Pottery Barn email:

  • Inbox Appeal
    • The subject line and pre-header make us want to find out what is inside without giving everything away up front. No space is wasted on “view in browser” copy or other items irrelevant to the inbox view.
  • Relevant Hero
    • The hero image looks incredible. From the photography to the font to the CTA, it grabs attention and makes you want to see what else is new in stock. We can’t confirm this, but we suspect the hero and hero offer may be dynamically populated based on browsing or past click behavior. (The recipient recently browsed a similar brown leather recliner, so just sayin.’)
  • Secondary Photography
    • The secondary photography gets its fair share of attention with bright, vibrant colors and textures that look touchable through the screen. Each individual image also coordinates with the hero image in a cool way.
  • Room-Specific Offer Combos
    • Everyone loves a quick room makeover, and by coordinating their offers by room Pottery Barn has made it easy for consumers to save on their makeover. Essentially, they are creating offers that intuitively match their consumers’ behavior.
  • Recommendations Are Really “Just for Me”
    • All three of these recommendations are based on the recipient’s past click and browse behavior. (The recipient spent some time shopping for pillows, a duvet and white porcelain everyday china recently and all three items are represented in the recommendations. The products shown aren’t items that she specifically looked at, but that may be to Pottery Barn’s benefit since it isn’t immediately obvious to the average recipient.)

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