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We’ve noticed something kind of…unusual here at BrightWave lately: Having a beautiful, spacious, calming new workspace has given us even more email superpowers. Yes, a few months back we bid a fond farewell to our office on Peachtree & 25th and moved into a crazy-awesome office just up the road. We’ve been brimming with pride over our new space, which is over twice the size of our former office—an entire blissful floor—and a completely custom build out that plays on all the finer points of BrightWave’s culture.

Our new place at 67 Peachtree Park Dr. just feels like home, a permanent place for us to work our magic, so guess it makes sense that our super-human powers of email awesomeness are just growing stronger. Here are some of the details that we’ve been dying to show off to you. Hopefully you’ll come by and check it out for yourself sometime soon? (Disclaimer: Yes, the following are real shots of our office in action. It’s that great.)


The Airy, Spacious Floorplan
Superpower = Collaborative Genius

The new space includes lots of room to grow, with two open pods of desks where our Creative, Strategy and Campaign & Client Management teams can really put heads together and get things done collaboratively.

MG_9900The New BrightWave Logo & Starburst Light at the Door
Superpower = Email Ninja-ery

Every morning when we arrive in our new space, we climb a short flight of stairs and see our new logo projected on the wall with a groovy Gobo. Then we turn the corner to find this lovely little sitting space with a starburst light fixture. It’s just a reminder that we’re kind of a big deal.


The Clean-Burning Fireplace
Superpower = Aesthetic Prodigy

The space is painted in cool, airy blues, which you might expect given our obsession with all things oceanic and nautical. But the counterpoint to that element is our moody, atmospheric fireplace. I mean, any agency can have a bar (albeit, not one filled with as many fantastic people as ours) but not many spaces have a unique focal point that creates a sweet boutique hotel vibe.

The Siren Lounge
Superpower = We’re-In-It-Togetherness

In that sleek, clean area with white couches, we gather, chat and generally plan our world domination. We got to put The Siren to immediate use during a certain soccer tournament (I Believe That I Can Win! I Believe That I Can… oh), which was just the way to break it in.

The BrightWave Bar
Superpower = Youthful Agility

Since we’ve had our sweet bar space (currently pouring Terrapin Rye Pale Ale and Allagash White, if you must know) we’ve been able to collectively blow off steam and just chat it up after a long day of email wizardry. It’s remarkable how many brilliant ideas happen over a few brews, just when you are least expecting it. And we’re looking forward to the Scuttlebut Social Club, a monthly installment of BrightWave playtime.

Want  to join us in our new office now, don’t you? If you are impossibly talented and also a whole lot of fun, check out our current job openings

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