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Rolling Stones in ATL

If you’re in Atlanta, you’d have to be living under a rock (or perhaps stone?) to miss that the greatest rock n’ roll band of all time came to town for the last time. And that reminded me that Mick Jagger and BrightWave, we go way back. Like back to a yacht in Mediterranean (kind of). Yes, I’ll explain.

I had the good fortune to attend the recent Rolling Stones concert at the historic Bobby Dodd Stadium at Georgia Tech. It was a killer show and everyone had a blast plus the rain held off. What more could you ask for on a Tuesday night in the summer?

Our seats right on the floor were great and I had great views of Mick, Keith, Charlie, Ronnie and their supporting crew. Not only did they manage to validate their status as the greatest rock and roll band of all time (despite the fact they are getting quite up there on the whole age thing), but they seemed to be having a blast doing it (yes, I am sure the money has something to do with it).

Photo Credit: Danny Karnik for Georgia Tech Athletics

Photo Credit: Danny Karnik for Georgia Tech Athletics

So what is really cool is Mick Jagger hired BrightWave a few years ago for some email creative services for some side projects he had going. We were told by “his people” that he approved the contract on a yacht in the Mediterranean. Doesn’t matter whether that is true or not—it is cool. We enjoyed the project and hopefully Mick and his team were able to be more successful in their email game. Either way, we are proud of our humble little connection to the Rolling Stones.

BrightWave's work for Mick Jagger.

BrightWave’s work for Mick Jagger.

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