‘Tis the Season to Give Back: BrightWave Giving Tree 2015 >


We’ll admit it—we’ve got some serious warm fuzzies this holiday season. Because this year, we went a step beyond the standard fun <a href="https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a celebrex dosage.10154419556905760.1073741838.349461630759&type=3″ target=”_blank”>holiday parties and tacky sweater days. We started a new tradition we’re calling the BrightWave Giving Tree. Check out this festive little shrub:


Our employees added ornaments that they’d made or purchased. A few of us got pretty crafty with it (can you spot the origami crane?) and others of us revealed our not-so-inner geek with Darth Santa and hashtag ornaments. Basically, we crowdsourced a pretty awesome tree.

But here’s the most awesome part of the Giving Tree: Along with an ornament, employees could choose a charity to support with a donation. BrightWave then made those donations on the employees’ behalf. It turns out, email marketers are just big-hearted softies—between all of us, we supported everything from rescue puppies and the environment to children’s health and girls’ education. Here’s the full list of organizations BrightWave donated to this year:

Adopt a Golden Atlanta (x2!)

Atlanta Harm Reduction Coalition

Atlanta Humane Society

Chattahoochee Riverkeeper

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

Father Christmas Cup

Hire Heroes USA

Natural Resources Defense Council

Ronald McDonald House

Tabitha’s House

The Malala Fund


We encourage you to check out all these great organizations, and tell us in the comments who we should consider supporting next year!

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