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School is back in session and the seasons are-a-changing. We’ve gathered the latest and greatest in the email marketing world and compiled them all here for your viewing pleasure. We’re learning more and more about what accessibility means for email and when we shouldn’t follow the herd for email best practices. Dive into the engagement report for brands like Birchbox and Blue Apron, then see what’s been going on at BrightWave.

1. When a ‘Best Practice’ is Anything But

We get it. Some well-known ‘best practices’ are often easy solutions to common problems. But since when are marketers okay with taking advice at face-value without any testing? Hopefully never. This article gives you the tools you need to verify whether or not you should listen to these passed-down philosophies and lays out some ‘best practice’ misconceptions.

2. Brands are Making Customers “Catch Feels” as a Marketing Strategy

Millenials and Gen Zers are turning the marketing game on its head by being some of the most unpredictable group of consumers. While some may assume young people are most interested in mindless entertainment or marketing that offers instant gratification, studies show that they often turn to content that can help them better themselves and the world around them. Empathy has become a top marketing strategy, making us stop and think about ourselves and those around us. This article gives examples of popular brands mastering the empathetic feeling from Olympic moms to airplane pizza parties.

3. Accessibility in Email

By 2020 2.2 million Americans will be blind and 5 million will have low vision. Email On Acid put on an interesting webinar a couple weeks ago about accessibility and email. If you’ve ever wondered how an email sounds when Siri reads it to you, they show you what it’s like and then explain how to optimize it. Check out their blog post which answers all of the questions they received and has the webinar recording.

4. User Engagement Top 100 Report: Subscription Retailers

Is there anything you use that you can’t get a subscription for? Traffic to subscription sites has grown 3,000% in the past 3 years. Want to know one of their main takeaways from looking at 100 subscription retailers? “As the starting point for user engagement, a disappointing 68 percent sent one or more welcome emails to new subscribers, and only 19 percent committed to a welcome series.” Read the entire PDF here.

5. BrightWave and The Mizuno Glove Experience

Email marketing and baseball unite. BrightWave seized an amazing opportunity to work with our client Mizuno to optimize an existing SaaS platform to effectively communicate with glove renters at SunTrust Park in Atlanta. With our help, Mizuno worked to turn glove renters into life-long customers with an interactive, meaningful email campaign. Read our case study now.

6. Secrets to Subject Line Success

A subject line is the first thing subscribers see in their inbox. It helps determine whether your email gets opened or swiped to trash, so you want to make sure it’s effective and on-brand. BrightWave’s own copywriter has unveiled our 5 key steps to creating successful subject lines. See them all here.

Still jonesing for email stats and know-how? Here’s a little bonus infographic to keep you going until next month: Using data collected at our inaugural EiQ event, we’ve discovered email marketers’ 3 top areas of investment and their main challenges. Check it out in our Email Industry Snapshot. 

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