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‘Tis the season for everybody’s 2017 look backs and 2018 predictions! But that’s not all we’ve scoped out for this month’s very merry installment of What’s Up in Email? There are also interactive email building tips and revealing interviews with our BrightWave CEO, Simms Jenkins, to explore. So grab a glass of nog, get comfortable and soak up some email industry news before you head home for the holidays.

Connect with Titania Jordan Tackles Email

BrightWave CEO Simms Jenkins was busy this past month! He appeared in two web interviews including an episode of Connect 3Ci’s ongoing tech series Connect with Titania Jordan. Simms and Titania (who first got acquainted at EiQ 2017) discuss the challenges, strengths and overall effectiveness of email marketing as it exists today in the informative, 20-minute talk. Catch it on YouTube.

iPhone X’s Missed Opportunities for Innovation

As cutting-edge as Apple’s latest devices are, the BrightWave strategy department couldn’t help but notice that their corresponding email campaigns could use some upgrades. The iPhone X welcome email was certainly informative and it featured a pretty attractive design, but it didn’t exactly show us how we can “think different” in the inbox. In fact, we noticed a number of improve-able areas in the long-scrolling send. Find out what they were.

Interactive Email 101

For those a bit intimated by the trials and tribulations of inbox interactivity, Litmus just published a blog with detailed instructions for six different interactive email elements. The article, based on a Litmus Live presentation by Shutterstock’s Email and Web Developer Alice Li, focuses on all sorts of hover effects – from color changes to subtle pop-up tabs. In true Litmus fashion, they’ve also included lots of information on the client support for each of these features. Get schooled.

Review Marketers Top Five Challenges in 2017

The good folks at Emma shared their top blogs of 2017 this month. It came as no surprise to us that their #1 most read article covered top challenges for today’s marketers. Although it was first published back in July, the challenges it reveals (like time management issues and broader personnel problems) are just as relevant now as they were then. Take a look.

Download the 2018 Email Content & Design Guide

We were extremely excited to launch this BrightWave/Movable Ink eBook earlier this month. This download combines all our top tips for content making from the past 12 months into what we hope will be considered an indispensable resource for writers, designers and strategists. If you’re looking for some expert advice on how to cleverly recycle your content, how to integrate data and personalization into your content strategy and more, this is where you’ll find it. Give it a download.

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