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Summer is blazing on and so are we! We’ve gathered up the most interesting things in email marketing this past month and there’s a little something for everyone. Are you sometimes skipping email testing? Have you been thinking (worriedly) about a future as a writer in a video-centered marketing world? Are you curious about what’s been happening to all of those out-of-date travel agencies?

We cover all of these topics and more in this month’s “What’s Up in Email?”

Video Killed the Copywriting Star

By now you’ve heard that the use of video is on the rise. The newly marketable generation Z prefer video over any other type of medium. So what does that mean for copywriters? If people aren’t as excited about well-crafted, thoughtful articles as they used to be, will there still be a place for writers? Hubspot seems to think so, and explains how their roles may evolve. Does the rise of video mean the death of writing? Read more here.

Welcome to BrightWave, Tunde!

Tunde Noibi has joined the BrightWave team as the Senior Director of Platform Technology. He brings a diversified skill set to our tech team and has experience working with some big names such as Marketo and Salesforce. His main goal is to help us fully utilize all of the awesome email technology we have available to our clients. Read more on Tunde here!

Marketing 101 for Travel & Hospitality

People living in the 21st century no longer utilize a brick-and-mortar travel agency. Almost all travel and vacation is booked and paid for online which means agencies either need to master the online marketing game or get left behind. Campaign Monitor recently published a great article full of useful marketing and email tips for travel and hospitality industries. Check it out.

Statistics Mean Nothing

When it comes to email design should you stick to the industry’s ‘best practices’ or pave your own path? Ultimately, it all depends on your own subscribers. Instead of relying on broad truths about design, you can look at your subscriber data and create your strategy from there. But which data? And how will I know what to do after I get the necessary data? Let Emma explain how the design of your email should be driven by your own data, not industry averages. Here.

Testing 1-2…

Email testing can be tedious, we know. But, time and time again, it’s proven to be the best thing you can do for your campaign. If that Emma blog didn’t convince you to follow your data to a T, maybe a throwback to this similar BrightWave blog will. Consider this your go-to checklist when it comes to setting up and performing an email test. Get testing tips.

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