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In our first summer edition of What’s Up in Email?, we’re dishing up the latest customer journey info, holiday campaign pointers, minimalist design rules and more. If you’ve ever experienced subpar holiday open rates or had a flashy email design fall flat upon delivery, you don’t want to miss the hard-earned wisdom shared in these articles.

1. Does The Journey Really Matter?

Spoiler alert: It does. We’ve all heard the phrase “it’s about the journey, not the destination” and the same can be said for B2C marketing. Ignoring how a brand’s customer came to be a customer can make most marketing fall on deaf ears. Campaign Monitor put together a guide to help marketers identify and understand the most effective customer journey experience. Get the details.

2. What to Expect from Holiday Campaigns  

The days leading up to a holiday like Memorial Day or Independence Day and the day of the holiday itself typically yield very different open rates. Often the pre-holiday emails seem to get more attention than any day-of campaign can… but with the right approach, there’s still post-holiday hope! Kristen Dunleavy, content marketing manager at Movable Ink, explains the importance of real-time pricing and inventory updates in holiday emails of all sorts. Master the holidays.

3. Minimizing Designs to Maximize Results

Inspired by an excellent Email Monks blog as well as our own design best practices, we recently waxed poetic on the merits of minimalism in the inbox. In this design-centric post, we voice our agreement with the Monks, introduce another exemplary case of minimalism done well and add some unique observations of our own. Get minimal.

4. Make Your Browse Abandonment Emails Do More

Did you know that out of the 5% of site visitors who add items to a cart, only 1% will actually check out? Smart Mail gives us the inside scoop on the 4 types of browse abandonment emails  and how to exploit each one. Good news – incentives are not always a must! Learn more.

5. Saying Hello to Generation Z 

Move over, millennials. There’s a new target market in town. Generation Z is defined as those born between 1996-2010 and are the newcomers to the consumer market. And just like every generation before them, Generation Z have their own way of communicating with businesses and interacting with email. This article highlights the important findings from a few different sources and explains this very helpful infographic.

6. BrightWave Celebrates Another Big Win

The Chick-fil-A One app has had a huge first year, and as a way to thank its subscribers Brightwave developed an infographic email for the “Year In Review” campaign. The email included statistics of ordering trends since its launch in the summer of 2016 and it captured the interest of so many readers that BrightWave was awarded a Communicator Award for it. Check it out.

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