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Our second-ever issue of What’s Up in Email? has arrived! There won’t be another round-up like this until after our EiQ event has passed us by – meaning, if you get through all these posts now, you should have plenty to talk about during the conference at the end of the month. More details on that (and on how to register) here.

In this month’s installment, you’ll find an email marketer demographic breakdown, an ESP buyer’s guide, a day in the life of our resident data expert and more of the latest industry updates.

1. Increasing Email Accessibility in 2017

Earlier in the year, Email on Acid took on the perhaps not-talked-about-enough topic of email accessibility. Working off the premise that a large portion of the world population is either hearing of vision impaired, the Email on Acid experts have served up a slew of practical (and shockingly simple) tips for making email more accessible from here on out. See the post.

2. Mobile Targeting with Movable Ink Makes More Possible 

Movable Ink has proven itself handy for a massive range of activities as of late. Of course, it’s always better to see a hard example of the platform’s impact than to merely discuss it in the abstract. So that’s exactly what we did in our new Movable Ink case study. We applied their mobile targeting abilities to a recent Chick-fil-A campaign and the results… well, we’ll let them speak for themselves. See the post.

3. A Dive Into the Email Marketer Demographic

In sticking with the “new year, new us” theme, the Litmus blog released a handy snapshot of the modern email professional just last week. The post outlines a thorough survey of 3,500 different email marketers – a sizable sample pool, indeed – and reveals all kinds of interesting statistical tidbits about them, from average age to average number of tasks in their daily workflow. See the post. 

4. Top 3 Tips for Harnessing Your User-Generated Content 

According to this AdWeek article, if you haven’t been using user-generated content to its fullest potential, it’s high time to start. Fan-shared images, comments, videos and more can be more than social noise. With the right permissions, this content can become a highly cost-effective well of traffic-boosting assets for a range of platforms – including email. For this particular overview, AdWeek calls out successful UGC campaigns by a variety of brands from Lululemon to SalesForce. See the post.

5. Insider Insights into the Importance of Good Data

In this freshly published piece, Tamseel Q. of the BrightWave technical services team weaves a titillating tale about an ongoing data formatting project. She explains what she had to do, how she chose to improve the process and how the improvements she made will impact this client’s outreach efforts moving forward. If you (like many right-brained others) don’t see how data formatting could ever be interesting blog material, definitely check it out. See the post.

6. TRG Releases 4th Annual ESP Buyers’ Guide

If you’re shopping around for a new ESP, or at least want to recommend one with a little extra oomph to those who are, The Relevancy Group’s got just the guide you’ve been looking for. The detailed (37 page!) report ranks seven different service providers according to customer satisfaction, innovation, functionality and more. See the post.


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