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Last month, we may have slacked off and forgotten to put together our monthly email industry round-up. But we’re chalking that up to the recovery time we required after the epicness that was EiQ!

This month, we are back with a vengeance, and lots of exciting email-y news. In this installment, you’ll find a short how-we’ve-been-doing article recapping our busy first quarter, an AdWeek piece on the value of live-updating campaigns, a podcast starring a Women of Email co-founder and an excellent source of win-back inspiration… just in case.

1. See How Our 2017 Is Looking

Q1 was a whirlwind (to say the least) here at BrightWave. We organized and executed the first EiQ with great success, acquired some incredible new clients including Ferrari North America and Cox Media Group and scooped up quite a bit of industry award recognition, too. Check out the post-Q1 update we published earlier this week for a fuller picture of how our 2017 is going so far. Read more.

2. The Detroit Pistons Serve Up Some Highly Dynamic Email

With some help from our friends Movable Ink, the Detroit Pistons are deploying real-time dynamic emails that change every time the recipient opens them. The goal is to make these emails a “second screen” to keep the fan informed and engaged no matter where they are – in the bathroom, in the parking lot, waiting for a popcorn, etc. We think this Interactive Game Day Guide has some awesome potential to deliver relevant info not just to sports fans but to all sorts of event attendees. Read more.

3. Kristin Bond Spouts Her Brilliance

Speaking of EiQ, Kristin Bond gave our one-day-conference-that-could a shout in the Litmus Email Design podcast last month. But that’s not the only reason we’re sharing it now. She also discusses the experiences that have made her one of the top email marketers in the game and her unique approach to local and nation-wide program management. She even treated the Litmus listeners to the story behind Women of Email – a rapidly growing non-profit set out to support female email pros of all levels. Tune in.

4. A Comprehensive Guide to Great Win-backs  

Earlier this year, Emma put out a handy blog featuring some standout email win-back campaigns. If you’ve been having some trouble with tuned out subscribers (and who hasn’t been there before?) these past few weeks, these examples might just inspire some win-back ideas for you. The main takeaways: don’t freak out about “the ones that got away” and keep those win-back emails sleek and simple. See the post.

5. Reliving Adobe Summit 2017

Raise your hand if you were at this year’s Adobe Summit! Now if you raised your hand, stop reading because you’ve already seen this cool content. If you weren’t lucky enough to attend this year’s event, you should definitely give a couple of these sessions a look. These keynote sessions show the extent to which customer experience is taking over tech and marketing. Plus, they’ve got quite a few handy demos mixed in throughout. Choose a session.

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