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With an epic office potluck, a quick break for Thanksgiving and a flurry of holiday campaign planning, November truly flew by here at BrightWave. Still, we made time to round up our favorite email articles of the month for you, our faithful What’s Up in Email? audience!

Read on to find out about the growing importance of email brand guidelines, peruse a Movable Ink case study targeted specifically at beer lovers (ahem, us) and get our take on campaign planning in the year 2017.

Watch the Inbox Awesome Live Stream

Earlier this month, our Vice President, Creative Director Laura Sullivan appeared on stage at Inbox Awesome in Brooklyn, New York to discuss email design innovation and “finding the edge of the inbox.” Her talk (and lots of other great InAwe 2017 content) is now available to stream through this unique gathering’s website and they’ve already begun registration for the 2018 event. Check it out.

The World Needs More Email Brand Guidelines  

Sometimes, we read something that inspires a collective, “amen to that!” throughout the email community. From designers and copywriters to developers and project managers, everyone could benefit from better email brand guidelines. Most brands, if they have any email recommendations at all, include just a sentence or two squeezed into a page of a much larger brand book. This month, Litmus made the case for more and better email guidelines all around… and we couldn’t concur more.

Movable Ink Helps Yard House Promote Local Brews  

With two kinds of craft beer always in rotation in the office kegerator, you might call good beer a passion of ours. When we first came across this case study, we almost couldn’t believe our eyes. A project that combines a passion for beer with a passion for email? Could it be true?! Movable Ink has made it so, helping Yard House offer guests super personal beer recommendations with their latest localized email campaign. Download the study.

A Modern Approach to Campaign Planning  

VP of Customer Experience Rich Wilson recently got featured in Adobe’s CMO site with his article, “Service as a Software: A Modern Approach to Campaign Planning.” The article presents some new alternatives to more “old school” campaign thinking, citing the importance of data and incremental improvements in particular. But without advanced AI, how can we practically start overhauling the way we plan for unpredictable groups of customers? We’ll let him speak for himself on that one.

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