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Between the publication of the Email Agency Buyer’s Guide by our friends over at the Relevancy Group, our frenzied 48 hours at 48in48 and our latest EiQ developments, it’s been a busy fall here at BrightWave. And we’re happy to announce that early bird registration for EiQ 2018 is now open!

See what else we’ve been up to this quarter and catch up on the latest #EmailGeeks news in this hopefully-worth-the-wait edition of What’s Up in Email?

1. The 2017 Email Agency Buyer’s Guide Goes Live

The Relevancy Group has released its 2017 Email Agency Buyer’s Guide, an annual report analyzing the services, value and client perceptions of email-specializing marketing agencies. We were thrilled to see BrightWave featured in the leaders’ ring for the third consecutive year and honored to receive highest marks in both overall client satisfaction and platform expertise. Get a full recap.

2. Why Email Is the Locomotive of Digital Marketing

BrightWave CEO Simms Jenkins made his Forbes debut early this month with an insightful article comparing the email industry of the marketing world to the railroad industry of the transportation world. He then goes far beyond this initial analogy to offer nine solid reasons to be pro-email in this day and age. Read more.

3. Don’t Fall Prey to Autumn Clichés

Can you feel the chill in the air? Smell the pumpkin spice in the air? Fall is finally here and the absolute crush of marketing puns that comes with it is here, too. While there’s always some excitement around the changing of seasons, it seems like fall-mania is far more aggressive than any other seasonal campaigning. It’s easy to get caught up in the blustery blur of orange, leafy designs but, trust us, your efforts could stand out a lot more if you resist it. More on that here.

4. It’s All About Incremental Innovation

To quote our Director of Strategic Services Kristen Speagle, “Rome wasn’t built in a day, and a world-class email program can’t be either!” She’s referring, of course, to incremental innovation a.k.a. progressive relevance. In this article on the subject, Marketing Land confirms what we already suspected—data is the number one roadblock in email personalization. Find out why that is and what can be done about it in the full article.

5. Treating the Root Cause of Poor Deliverability

As an email marketing agency servicing a wide range of industries, we keep deliverability in mind at all times. We’ve even forged an official partnership with BriteVerify, a company entirely dedicated to solving and preventing deliverability issues. Unfortunately, many of the best-known tactics for combatting poor deliverability fail to address its causes. This podcast on the Litmus blog deep dives into those causes with hard data on thousands of blocked and blacklisted email programs.

6. Emma’s Seven Sensational Abandon Cart Emails

Good email marketing is a powerful thing—and some of the post powerful emails you can deploy as a B2C sender would have to be abandoned cart emails. This recent blog from the very clever content team at Emma rounds up seven superb examples of abandoned cart emails done well. It wouldn’t be What’s Up in Email? without a little design inspiration, right?

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